Ruben van Schalm was born on the 12th of May 1988 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).
He grew up in Hellevoetsluis, a small village in The Netherlands.

After he graduated from school he moved to Amsterdam to persue a modellingcareer.
Not only did he fancy a modellingcareer but an actingcareer drew his interest as well.
He travelled around the world to cities like Milan, London, Berlin and New York and Tel Aviv where he enhance his capabilities as a model.

In 2008 he started working as a model for photographer Erwin Olaf in the serie FALL.
After FALL, many projects followed for example : BSI Swiss bank, Dj Roger Sanchez, L-Homo,
Leidens Ontzet, La Tristesse Riche ( a short movie by photographer Erwin Olaf). In Tel Aviv Ruben had the oppertunity to work with Israeli actrice Gal Gadot in different campaigns and fashions show for Castro.

In 2011 however, Ruben followed an actor- workshop at Kemna Casting which triggered him to be visually creative.
Ruben’s passion not only focusses on modelling and acting, but also towards photography and film.
This passion was due to his modelling experiences that made him realize he wanted to explore his creative side.

He started to create his own vison in photography in 2012.

image by Romy Treebush.

image by Romy Treebush.