Art Statement


In my autonomous work I portray men with an emphasis on their sensual and sexual identity.

I experience my work as a personal diary of special encounters in which the moment of looking through the camera gives me the opportunity to come into close contact with the unattainable. In this way photography allows me to closely examine the beauty of my objects of desire. The environment in which I place these objects of desire plays an important role, because framing the male body in a specific environment allows me to create the ultimate paradise I’m searching for in my work.

Besides a certain sexual charge the photos also need to translate the energy of a playful moment in which they where created. My work method is very intuitive in this sense and series of images form as a result of experiment rather than a planned staged shoot. A diary documents your life and always has unexpected turns that I want to capture in my work.

In the series ''The night at the park'' (2014) the urban natural environment creates a sharp contrast with the body. The series "The Barbadian" (2016) and ''Black Beach'' (2016) show a different sort of sensuality because they are layered by a certain vulnerability of the male nude that occurs when the natural environment touches the bare skin. In all these series I explore this connection of the body to the natural environment, specific to that unique moment and person.